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Bath Salts

Looking for a quality epsom salt magnesium sulfate 100 pure natural organic usp grade bath salt? Look no further than our natural organic ingredients and 100% natural usp grade bath salt! This beautiful greenhued salt is perfect for base treatment and refreshing skin!

Where To Buy Bath Salts

There are many different types of bath salts and their own specific instructions for use. We highly recommend you check with a professional to get the most accurate information. we stock a wide range of bath salts including professional grade bath salts. We can offer you a trial session to show you what the salt is supposed to do before you buy it. if you're looking for a new bath salt to add to your arsenal, a trial session with us is the best way to start. We have a wide range of salt that is professional grade and will help improve your bath experience.

Bath Salt

Looking for a salt that will help improve your bath experience? check out dr teals pure epsom salttherapeuticsoak 6 lbs best salt! This salt is sure to help with your bath overall and is a necessary part of a successful experience. looking for a way to add some fresh excitement to your bathroom? look no further than dr teals pure epsom salt soaking solution fragrance-free 4-lb. This unique solution provides a perfect amount of salt needed to help with body and mind healing. Best price! do you like the smell of fresh epsom salt in your bath? if you do, then you'll love this dr teal's epsom salt body scrub with lavender. This body scrub is perfect for keeping your bath area clean and healthy, and it has a great price to match. what is the difference between epsom salt and dead sea salt? epsom salt is a salt that is found in fresh water. Dead sea salt is a salt that is found in salt water. Both of these minerals are great for body care purposes and can be found in spoons, cups, and dishwashersafe ingredients. Teals's pure epsom salt soaking solution is a great fragrance-free option for soaking up your essential oils and other body ingredients. The solution is perfect for use in the home or office, and it has the added bonus of making your fragrances last longer. The cost is about $4. 99 per bottle.