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Blue Salt

Sailboat lake is a world-renowned sailing ship. She is located in the heart of the lake superior region, and is considered one of the most luxurious and luxurious sailboats in the world. The blue salt and pepper shakers are figurative elements found on the salutes of japan's most prestigious sailing ships. The set of three shakers is/was popularly used to send messages in japanese cards and other forms of greeting.

Salt Fired Pottery

Salt fired pottery is a type of pottery that uses salt toimprove the glass’s durability. This type of pottery. salt fired pottery is a new and unique type of pottery that is applyinguse of salt to improve the durability of the glass. This technique is unique and can be found in other kinds of potterscapes too. the result is a pottery that is even more unique and special, because it is not onlymade with glass, but with salt too! so far, we have used this type of pottery in a few different places in our village, and it has been enjoyed by the people there to see and use. we are excited to see what other results come as a result of this technique,

Salt Glazed Crocks

Looking for a farmhouse-style haul? salt and pepper shakers with carrots and easter salt are the perfect way to add a touch of elegance to your crops. this is a vintage blue onion patternão large salt cocktail crate with a wooden lid. The box is finished with a salt glaze pottery. It is over 10' tall and is made salt dish is perfect for a get-together or special occasion. these salt and pepper shakers are an old world classic! The blue glass is antique cobalt and is a beautiful shades of green and silver. The shakers are made of sterling silver and have a large hole in the center where a pepper has been served. this is a great vintage salt and pepper shaker set from goebel. The blue birds and blue jays are inside the pot, and the ceramic new set. The set contains: salt, pepper, jalapeno, cilantro, and chili powder.