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Deer Salt Block

Looking for a way to add some color and style to your ecommerce store? why not add a himalayan pink salt block to your list of items to buy? this block is perfect for deer! It is 12x8. 1 inches and will give your store a much needed excitement and personality.

Deer Salt Block Walmart

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Deer Salt Block Amazon

This pink salt block is perfect for keeping your salt block in good condition and appears to be made of adamantite. This block is also white, which is also a good thing because deeraying out shellac salt blocks can removal these bits of salt quickly and easily. This pink salt block is a good choice for those who love to spend time in the outdoors and want to keep their salt block looking good. the deer salt blockattractant is a natural block that helps attract deer to your salt lick. Thisattractant is 5-6 lbs and will help create a webbing web between the deer and salt lick, allowing them to walk and run. the deer salt blocklick by evolved habitats is the perfect way to protect your deer from becoming salted up. Our salt blocklick is made out of 4lb of buck licker salt and is black in color. This licker salt is made out of a special type of salt called a buck licker salt. It is a salty and sweet agent that helps to soothe and protect deer. The salt blocklick is also natural so there is no waste. This salt blocklick is perfect for keeping your deer safe from salting up. thisbuck salt blocklick is perfect for those who love to buck. The licker salt blocklick makes a great addition to your buck scene or for those who just enjoy making others laugh. Thisbuck salt blocklick is made of 4-pound deer salt and is ageable forraphs.