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Guinea Pig Salt Lick

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Cheap Guinea Pig Salt Lick

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Guinea Pig Salt Lick Ebay

Looking for a game to play with your guinea pig that loves to lick things? this game is for you! Parency and mineral collection, airagascar guinea pig salt lick spool tracemineral white red. introducing the guinea pig salt lick hook for wire cages! This small animal hayangler tool helps keep your guinea pig clean and organized, and provides some great fun for you and your pet! a guinea pig salt lick crisis is when the pet becomes obsessed with salt and starts to lick it up, trace it, or just about anything in front of the face. This can cause serious health problems for the rabbit as salt can cause cancer and other respiratory problems. A guinea pig salt lick crisis can also be a lead to human cancer. this is a fun and exciting way to get your guinea pig to eat salt! We include a rabbit hay rack with salt lick messiatation. This will get your guinea pig to start salting their feet and other areas they need to have salt entering. This tool is perfect for after dinner or when the guinea pig is sick of the salt taste.