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Hayward Salt System

Looking for a salt system that will keep your pool clean and clear? Look no further than the hayward aquatrol salt chlorinator system with turbocell for above ground pools. This system can successfully clean your pool if you buy it today!

Hayward Salt Cell

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Hayward Salt Systems

The hayward aquarite s3 is a complete system life cell salt chlorinator that is designed to clean and protect salt systems. The chlorinator is equipped with 25k gal hayward aquarite s3’s, which provide superior performance and stability. The hayward aquarite s3 also includes 40k gal hayward aquarite s3’s for even more performance. the hayward aquarite salt system is a unique system that uses turbocell's high-quality salt granules and granules of specific gravity series ii and iii to submitting your above ground pool to the ocean. The salt is sited behind a lurie-like wall in the boat harbor and is specially designed to prevent salt from making its way into the atlantic ocean. The system is easy to use and is available for only $ per month. the hayward w3aq-trol-rj aquatrol above-ground pool salt chlorination system is a patented technology that helps remove salt from contacting the water's surface. This system is used in conjunction with the hayward w3aq-trol-rj water softener, to produce a water that is both temperature and quality consistent. the hayward aqua rite salt system is a great replacement for our older style salt systems. It is made from high quality materials and is easy to set up and use. Our system comes with a flow switch, which makes it easy to add or remove salt as needed.