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Himalayan Salt Color Street

We are the newest and best color street nail polish strips. Our ecommerce store is currently serving as saltr. Biz store. We will be selling our products through saltr. Biz from where you can buy our strips in bulk. Our new looking design and new product features make this our most recent campaign. We hope you enjoy our new color strip's this year.

Color Street Himalayan Salt

The colors of the salt street are red, green, and brown. The colors of the hat are green, red, and black. The colors of the clothes are red, green, and black.

Himalayan Salt Nails

Looking for a nails set that will make you look younger and more next day ready? himalaya salt nails! This set is a great way to keep your nails looking their best without all the harsh chemicals. You can order them here or see what options are available during the during store. himalayan salt color street nail polish is current and will most likely be largest inventory in spring 2022. This is a bright and bright color which will match any walk of life. It is made of chip andd society and will be popular with young adults who appreciate fresh and new colors. looking for a lobster color but don't want to go too overboard? this is the type of salt that are often used in lobster dishes. It is bright and colorful, perfect for a street nail strips! a green and black color street strips for the.