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Himalayan Salt Lamp

This indusclassic salt lamp is a great choice for a new home or used product purchased. This lamp is made of 100% natural himalayan crystal rock and features a beautiful blue light technology. The lamp is 47 lbs. And produces beautiful light with a dimmer switch.

Salt Crystal Lamp

Salt crystal lamp is one of the most beautiful and beautiful lamps you can have in your home. It is perfect for when you need a little light in the evening. The salt crystal is a beautiful light color and it makes a great accent lamp for your home. Not only is it a great lamp, but it can also be a beautiful addition to your home.

Rock Salt Lamp

This natural pink himala salt lamp has a great night light effect and is made of two-pack himalayan salt. It is a great addition to any room, and is perfect for a night time activity. himalayan salt light is perfect for night time. This lamp is made of wood and has a night light. It is also a great tool for finding under the bed, in the closet, or under the bed itself. This lamp is also great for using as a night light. the himalayan salt rocks are a unique natural form of salt that is found in the southwestern region of north india. It is also known as the 'majesticsalt' because of the handful-sized salt rocks that are found in the form of a friendship ring. this himalayan pink salt lamp has an 8 inch salt lamp with aダイヤガー・ナイロンコード - night light natural crystal rock*. This lamp is perfect for night times because it will light up your room in a beautiful pink style. Plus, the dimmer cord makes it easy to be used in a short amount of time.