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Palm Tree Salt And Pepper Shakers

Our salt and pepper shakers are a great gift for that special someone you know. They're made of sturdy materials and are a great addition to any home or store. Plus, they arrived quickly and working well!

Top 10 Palm Tree Salt And Pepper Shakers

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Palm Tree Salt And Pepper Shakers Ebay

This! This is! This is the! This is the! these! These are! These! These are! these! These are! these salt shakers are perfect for any patriotic moment! these salt and pepper shakers are a vintage applause palm tree banana salt pepper shakers. They are nice with their vintage applause palm tree coat of paint. These shakers are a great deal! See the photos. these are vintage palm tree salt and pepper shakers. They are a plastic with a blue and white palm tree logo. They are about 9 inches in diameter and have a green and white pepper tree logo. The shakers are also filled with salt and pepper.