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Salt Box

This vintage ceramic salt box with wooden lid is a great purchase for any ecommerce store! This box is filled with some of the most iconic and popular salts from all over the world, including sea salt, grooved salt, and salt with movies.

Salt Boxes

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Vintage Salt Box

This is a great vintage salt and pepper shaker set. This set has the iconichallmark symbols and thank you gift box. The shakers are in good condition and the pepeppers are new. These are great sets and would also be a great addition to a gifts for a nursing home or spouse. this is a great vintage blue onion pattern salt box with a wooden lid. The salt box is large and would make a great gift. This box is vintage! this is a great box for those who love germany and their salt. The salt is antique blue and the salt is white. This box is a great way to show off your germany pride and add some extra flavor to your room. the kitchen salt box is a great way to add a touch of salty flavor to your dishes. The shakers are magnetic and so the salt can. There is a of in the package with each shaker filled with salt.