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Salt City Candles

Looking for a must-have item in a wedding? look no further than the popular and rare salt city candles! These candles are dark gold and are perfect for making your wedding atmosphere more festive and inviting. Choose from a 16 oz. Or 24 oz. Container and get discounted prices on your favorite products. Get your wedding done right with salt city candles!

Salt City Kettle Corn Candle 26 Oz RARE

Salt City Kettle Corn Candle 26 Oz RARE

By Salt City Candles


Happened To Salt City Candles

While visiting the salt city, I came across some interesting candles! They looked beautiful and felt unique, so I decided to give them a try. I am happy to say that they have been a great success! The candles are easy to light and offer a unique burning experience. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for an unique candles experience.

Salt City Candles Website

Looking for a cool and breeze-ful experience in the great state of hawaii? look no further than the stunning salt city candles! These candles are a rare find and are a great for any eco-friendly gift. With great flavor and easy to store, these candles are a must-have for any wedding cake lover. looking for a luxurious and luxurious christmas gift? look no further than the salt city candle company! These candle are filled with scents like ginger, pepper, and peppermint and are made with 16 oz. Of water-based wax. The scents will make you feel warmth in all of its scaly arms and legs. This candle is sure to this year's christmas. if you're looking for a highly scented and quit pleasureless candle, then you need to check out salt city candle company. They're one of my favourite candle companies because of that - their candles are always so scentsgitche! This 13 oz. Candle is no different - it's highly scented with pomegranate and pucker factor is truly appealing. You'll love the happen to salt city candle co's fresh, linen mojito ice evergreen cucumber melon! Plus, their unique votive fresh linen mojito ice evergreen cucumber melon makes a great lot 10 salt city candles.