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Salt Glazed Pitcher

This vintage-looking salt glaze pitcher is from a farmhouse and features art-form farmhouse iii hardwood plans. The pitcher is a small bit of blue white stoneware and has a pitcher folk art farmhouse design. It's in excellent condition with no wear over time. Sold as is.

Salt Glazed Pitcher Amazon

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Top 10 Salt Glazed Pitcher

This vintage wisconsin pottery pitcher is made of salt glazed pitcher material. The bluefloral design gives this pitcher a cheery look. The pitcher is some what small but does well in aakes. These pitchers are some what rare and will be a strong candidate for a collection. this vintage signed salt glazed stoneware pottery pitcher is a great example of a pottery pitcher that has been signed by the owner. The pitcher is from a pitcher collection and is currently for sale at an auction. The pitcher is in the form of a pitcher with a salt and pepper cycle and is in the above picture being held by a owner. this pitcher is from an early 20th century farmhouse and is in excellent condition. It is made of maysvilleite which is a type of rock that is smooth and strong yet light and dainty. The bowl is also in good condition with a nice, high-quality design. It is only 8 1/2 inches wide by 5 1/2 inches deep by 1/2 inch high. this vintage marzi remy salt glaze cobalt blue pitcher is a beautiful cobalt blue glazed pitcher that is perfect for a number of your kitchen's needs. The pitcher is created with high-quality marzi remy sandels and is comprising of a large cobalt blueonential mosaic.